What the city is missing: Thierry Cohen photographs cityscapes and then photographs deserts at night, combing the two to show us what our cities would look like with the lights off. The stars are not enhanced, they are actual photos from relative latitudes that would expose the same starry sky view if it weren’t for light pollution. Click on each photo to see which city it is.


Japanese photographer Yoji Ookata was diving 80 feet below sea level when he seemingly discovered the world’s next underwater art exhibit. 

After bringing a camera crew back and doing some investigation, it was discovered that these intricate sand formations were made by none other than a single fish! 

Photographer Stumbles Upon Underwater Crop Circles Near Japan

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Hooded Grasshopper (Teratodes monticollis)

…is a species of grasshopper found throughout India and Sri Lanka. Despite their flashy hoods, hooded grasshoppers are pretty normal insects, as they are usually found in vegetation where they feed on leaves. Their hoods are in-fact camouflage to make the insect look more like a leaf. 



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That is a badass mutha of a grasshopper!!!

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love pictures | Tumblr on We Heart It.


love pictures | Tumblr on We Heart It.

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